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Christian and Martin - Meols Hall Wedding

Martin and Christian first met 14 years ago in July 2008. Ten years later in 2018, they got engaged in Porto, Portugal. Martin knew he had to do something special for the proposal, so he booked a table at a Michelin starred restaurant and unbeknown to Christian, he had flown 12 of their family and friends out to join them. He had arranged for them all to be hiding in the restaurant and surprised Christian not only with their presence but also by asking him to marry him! Although the surprise was almost blown by Martin's mum when she asked Christian to see the ring BEFORE Martin had asked him to marry him!! 

Martin and Christian adopted their son, Elijah in 2019. Elijah did an amazing job on the wedding day by looking after the wedding ring and keeping everyone entertained with his antics! He was rewarded with a very special video message from Spiderman to tell him how very proud his 2 dads are of him. Their British Bulldog, Piper-Jane also there to help them celebrate their wedding ceremony and right on cue, barked her heart out as the rest of the guests applauded when the couple had their first kiss! 

Their wedding venue was the stunning Tithe Barn at Meols Hall in Southport. We were treated to lots of late autumnal colours and despite the forecast predicting rain all day, we didn't have to worry as we had a dry, yet crisp mid November day!

Martin had arranged a number of surprises for Christian on the day. Firstly, neither of them had seen the other's suits. And needless to say, both of them were more than happy when they first saw each other. At the end of the speeches, Martin had arranged for a number a Cameo video messages to surprise Christian. Firstly from Clinton Baptiste the psychic clairvoyant, followed by spiritualist Amanda Ellis. Christian must be a huge fan of her's as he broke down upon receiving the message from her. Finally, it was time for messages from three stars of Breaking Bad, one of their favourite TV shows. After the speeches, it was time for the meal, served by the amazing team at Carringtons Catering, although, there were 2 extra servers helping out distribute the meals and top up the glasses!


Martin had booked the amazing singing waiters Marcus and Claire from Your Singing Waiters to perform. The look on Christian's face when Claire tripped over and dropped the plate of cutlery was priceless, but not as priceless as when she burst into song after 'quitting her job' after the terrible treatment from her 'boss' Marcus!! 

Such a fantastic day and atmosphere for Christian and Martin's big day, and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to capture their memories!

Package Booked: Platinum Combined Photography and Videography

Martin & Christian | Wedding Highlights Video

Martin & Christian | Wedding Highlights Video

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