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About Iain

Iain Yarwood - Wrexham based Wedding photographer and videographer

I'm Iain and I'm a photographer and film maker. But i guess you already figured that bit out because you're on my photography website! 

Ever since my Dad first let me have a go of his 'proper camera', many years ago, I've had a real love for creating beautiful pictures. I embraced this love and decided to turn it into a business a few years ago. I'm never happier than when I have a camera in my hand capturing the shots that I know will have lifelong meaning to someone who'll look back at them in many years to come. My little boy, Charlie, certainly looks like he'll follow in my footsteps as he loves taking pictures with his V-Tech camera too! 


Wedding photography and videography is my full time job and I absolutely love it! I love technology and I love creativity. What better way to spend my working day than sharing it with two people on the happiest day of their life!

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