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Jess and Ryan
Craxton Wood Wedding

A Love Story Unveiled: Jess and Ryan's Craxton Wood Wedding.

Jess and Ryan's love story began at the age of 16 when they met at a friend's birthday party. Fast forward to September 8, 2011, the date they officially became a couple, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey. A shared love for dogs brought them closer, as their first date was a romantic walk with Ryan's dogs! Their love story reached another milestone on their 10th anniversary in Dublin when Ryan proposed, promising to share a lifetime of love and happiness.


The 8th of September will forever hold a special place in their hearts, signifying both the inception of their relationship, the date they got engaged and the date of their amazing wedding day at Craxton Wood, surrounded by friends, family and their dogs Chewie and Rolo! 

It was a perfect day for this perfect couple and we were honoured to capture their memories! Congratulations Jess and Ryan! 

Jess and Ryan | Wedding Highlights

Jess and Ryan | Wedding Highlights

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