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Eint and Thu - Bron Eifion Wedding

Eint and Thu brought a taste of Myanmar to North Wales to celebrate their amazing wedding! The couple chose Bron Eifion, a luxury wedding venue located in Criccieth, a picturesque coastal town in North Wales. The venue is situated in a stunning location, surrounded by lush greenery and offering breathtaking views of the nearby coastline.

Our day started as Eint and her bridal party were finalising hair and make up before she was helped into her htamein by her bridesmaids. While this was going on, Thu was being assisted in to longyi by his best man and the obligatory Youtube video on how to ensure it stays on! Needless to say, they both looked amazing in their traditional Myanmar wedding attire! 

Once everyone was ready, Thu went outside to await his bride, while Eint exited the bridal suite to her awaiting father. His reaction to seeing his daughter on her wedding day was incredible as she ran into his arms! He then escorted Eint down the stairs and out to the garden where Thu was waiting. We arranged the couple to stand back to back with their eyes closed, before asking them to turn to each other to reveal their wedding attire.

We were treated to two wedding ceremonies on the day, firstly the legal ceremony to formalise the marriage, following by the tradition Myanmar ceremony. With the traditional customs observed, a white cloth was tied around the couple's hands by Eint's parents who then poured water over them cloth to symbolise their union, followed by the placing of the garlands round the necks of both Eint and Thu. 

The day went perfectly, and we even got the opportunity to visit the beach to get some amazing shots. Before we knew it, it was time for the evening reception. And after Thu had serenaded Eint with a guitar solo, the newly married couple had their first dance!

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to capture film Eint and Thu's wedding day and experience the fantastic colours and traditions of a Myanmar wedding in North Wales!

Package Booked: Platinum Wedding Videography