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Anwen and Dan - Golden Lion, Rossett

Anwen got in touch with me to tell me that she and Dan were having a super intimate wedding at Wrexham registry office. In fact, it was just the 2 of them and their witness. She wanted to surprise her closest friends and their kids later that evening by turning up to an 'engagement party'! So with the help of her mum who got the kids dressed in their smart clothes, and her dad who chauffeured them in his stunningly restored lorry, they had their amazing wedding reception at the Golden Lion, Rossett. When they arrived, the kid's couldn't believe it when they saw Anwen in her wedding dress and Dan in his army uniform. They couldn't be happier to see that they were married! A sword v's umbrella fight and some photos later, the happy couple made their way in to the Golden Lion to 'cut the cake' with Dan's sword!!

A super fun, short but sweet photo session with a super chilled couple!

Package booked: Bespoke Wedding Photography.

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