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Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Album


You've probably got loads of photos from your big day, so how do you go about choosing the best ones for your wedding album?


Here are my Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Album Pics...

  • The best photo albums tell a great story. The albums don't need to be a minute by minute account of every stage of the day - they work best by showing the highlights, those parts you’ll most want to remember.

  • Vary your choice of photos. You might end up with loads of similar photos, so avoid replicas and select the best few from every important part of the day: getting prepared, travelling to the venue and arrival (of you and your guests), the ceremony itself, post-ceremony merriments, the drinks reception, dinner, dancing, speeches, cake cutting, etc.

  • Give the photos room to 'breathe'. The more photos you try to cram in then the smaller they will have to be, and the design might look quite busy. Albums have ‘lay-flat’ panoramic pages, which allow your photos to be displayed right across the open spread - so the fewer photos you have on each spread the bigger they can be, and the more impact they’ll make when the album is open.

  • Think about colours and contrasts. Crisp blue sky, plush green grass, snow covered buildings, and even guests in brightly coloured dresses can make photos leap off the page. This works especially well when contrasted with black and white photos, and darker indoor photos.

  • Cover to cover. Choose photos for the front cover. Something simple always works well for the front, as do colourful flowers and backdrops. (White bridal dresses look great with a colourful bouquet!) Go for black and white if you want something a little more classic.

  • Once you’ve got your final selection then check them over to make sure everyone is looking happy and engaged with the event. You want your guests to look like they’re enjoying themselves, not sleeping or having a quick nose-pick in the corner of the room!

Some handy links to help you choose your perfect wedding album;

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