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Kylie and Chris - Leasowe Castle Wedding

23rd August 2019

Kylie and Chris met on a night out. When Chris first asked Kylie out, she said no! A few months later, they saw each other again on the train and got talking. Soon after, they had their first date in Weatherpoons! 

They got engaged at home with the kids and it was completely unexpected. Kylie loves Chris because he makes her laugh every day. She says he’s funny and caring and would do anything for her and the kids. They are both into the same stupid (Kylie's words) TV shows! They would rather spend time in together watching a film with a takeaway than going out. 

Chris loves Kylie because they are always on the same wavelength. They can just give each other 'that look' when they see or hear something and both know they’ve got the same thought in their head!  

Chris says they are both quite quiet and private people, but share the same sense of humour. He says they prefer being in each other's company rather than in a large group of people to have the most fun. He says that she’s the best mum to their kids, and she’d do anything for him and them!

On to the day of their wedding. It was the 23rd August and the weather was perfect. My day started with the bridal prep at Kylie's parent's house. It was all going on when I arrived, with the living room being turned into a hair and make up studio! It may have looked hectic but everything went like clockwork and before long, John, Kylie's Dad was ready for the dress reveal! From the look on his face, it was obvious how proud he was of his daughter on her wedding day! 

Package Booked; Platinum Wedding Photography + Add On (Full ceremony, speeches and first dance video)

Kylie and Chris | Leasowe Castle Wedding | Cinematic Highlights

Kylie and Chris | Leasowe Castle Wedding | Cinematic Highlights

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