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Kelsey and Adam | The Shankly Hotel, Liverpool

Kelsey and Adam first met at the Christening of Adam's brother's child. They were only teenagers at the time and were both in relationships. After seeing Adam for the first time, Kelsey tells me that she turned to her friend and said "Who the hell is that?" in a dramatic teenager love movie way (her words!) After the Christening, they didn't see each other properly for about 4 years.... until they bumped into each other again at the local shop and got talking. Both of them made sure to drop lots of hints that they were both currently single! They arranged to have a few nights out and got to know each other really well. Kelsey has a daughter with her ex and she asked Adam if he was really ready to take them both on. He said he totally was, and true to his word, he did. Kelsey tells me that right from the beginning, Adam treated her daughter as if she was his own, and that she thinks it really says so much about a man who is willing to take on a child that isn't his. 10 months into their relationship, Kelsey fell pregnant which she says made their relationship grow even stronger than she thought it ever could be!


They got engaged on Christmas morning 2012. She didn't know it at the time but Adam had asked Kelsey's dad for his permission to ask her to marry him! Such a gent! She'd noticed that he'd pushed a particular present to the back under the tree so she'd open it last. When she got to it, she opened it and there was another smaller wrapped present inside with a tag on saying "Will". Confused, she opened that one, only to find yet another box with another tag saying "You". She opened that one to find another box with a tag saying "Please". She thought it was some sort of prank at this point, but opened this box and found the final box with a ribbon on saying "Pull Me". She did and discovered that there was a ring tied to the ribbon! She turned to find Adam on one knee as he popped the question!! 

They originally set a date for their wedding in 2016 but unfortunately Kelsey was diagnosed with a pretty serious illness so sadly had to cancel the wedding. During the time she was ill, she tells me that Adam was an absolute angel, looking after her and the kids, doing everything around the house and helping her in every way he could. She tells me that he was, and still is her absolute rock! Kelsey didn't think their relationship could grow any stronger but she tells me that the situation made them stronger than ever! 

Kelsey tells me that Adam has an ability to just make her feel better, whether it be in an emotional way or just to pick her up and feel good about herself. He's helped her grow so much as a person and brings out the best in her. She loves that they never stay mad at each other because he just makes her laugh or does something stupid to break the ice! She loves how he accepts her for who she is and she feels like she can be herself. She says he's her 'happy ever after'!

Adam tells me that Kelsey is the only person who truly gets his personality and that she adores the bones of him. He loves her eyes, her smile and she literally makes him melt! He loves the way she looks at him with pure love. She always lifts his spirits with her smile, she's the mother of his children and is always there when he or they need to talk. 

Onto their wedding day.... The Shankly Hotel was their amazing venue. It's one of my favourite Liverpool wedding venues, with stunning architecture, an amazing bridal suite and that rooftop terrace! My day started with the girls while one of assistants, Phil went to capture the lads. There was nothing but smiles, laughter and a buzzing atmosphere in both rooms. No stress at all! In typical fashion, Kelsey was late coming down to the ceremony room with her proud dad. But for Adam, she was worth the wait! John, the registrar played a blinder marrying the couple and at the end, he read out a beautiful poem, who's words couldn't have suited these two any better! 

The smiles and laughter continued throughout the day and into the night. It was such a great day and I can't think of a better suited couple! It was an absolute pleasure to capture their day!

Package booked: Platinum Wedding Videography

Kelsey and Adam | Wedding Video Teaser

Kelsey and Adam | Wedding Video Teaser

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