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Jess and Dan
Willington Lodge Wedding

Jess and Dan met through their love of motorsport. Both of their families have been participating in Autograss for 3 generations, their grandparents, parents and then them! Their journey started at a friend's 18th birthday in Yorkshire. They found themselves sitting next to one and other and got talking. As the night went on and the drinks flowed, Dan found himself in the toilets holding Jess' hair back as she was throwing up into the toilet!! Following the bus journey home, in which he had located her a sick bucket, Jess realised how much of a gentleman Dan was and that there was something different about him. Because they lived 3 hours away from each other, they spent the next month talking on FaceTime everyday! On 7th September 2016, Dan asked Jess to be his girlfriend! 

They got engaged in December 2019 on Jess' birthday in Cape Verde. Dan said “I know you didn’t want a birthday present, but I think you might want this one” and got down on one knee at the edge of the water and asked her to marry him! 

When I asked Dan what I loves about Jess, he said "Even though she can be hard faced, she is soft and cares more than anyone will ever understand. She has the patience of a saint to put up with me and the race car and without her, I wouldn't be the person I am today." Jess tells me that she and Dan are like an old married couple. They can argue but in the next minute, he can have her laughing. He gets her and often knows what she thinking. She tells me that he'll do anything to make sure she's as happy as possible!

Their wedding day was on 13th August during the hottest week on record! They chose Willington Lodge for their wedding reception. A small but beautiful and intimate venue near the Welsh border in Shropshire. Our day started with Jess and the girls getting ready before heading to the church where Dan was eagerly waiting with his brother and best man, Matt. After the service the newly married couple exited the church under an archway of chequered flags that Jess' mum had arranged! 

We all headed back top Willington Lodge, with Jess and Dan in a stunning open top vintage car from Manor Bridal Cars. The day flew by and before long, it was time for them to have their first dance..... but not before the father / daughter dance with Jess and her Dad. It was an absolute pleasure to capture their wedding day!


Package Booked: Platinum Videography

Credit to the following suppliers for helping bring Jess and Dan's big day to life! 

Venue: Willington Lodge

Catering: Like Nanna Made

Florist: White Wysteria, Whitchurch

Bride's Dress: Elizabeth Louise Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid's Dresses: JJS House

Groom's Suit: Peter Posh

Hair: Louise Lowarch Taylor

Make Up: Annabel Stapelhurst Hill

Wedding Cars: Manor Bridal Cars

Videography: Iain Yarwood Photography and Film

Photography: Dek Traylor

Invites: SB Creations

Jess and Dan | Highlights Video

Jess and Dan | Highlights Video

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Jess and Dan | Feature Film

Jess and Dan | Feature Film

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