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Georgi and Dave

Dave met Georgi through her brother Wazzer. Dave and Wazzer were watching the boxing one night at a friend's house. When Dave arrived, he noticed Georgi in the kitchen. Not knowing who she was at the time, he asked his mate Lunty. Dave and Georgi were introduced and then spent a lot of the next few hours talking about pretty much everything. He couldn’t believe that he'd not met her before, as they had so many friends in common and even went to the same school. After everyone had all gone to bed, Dave did what any man would do, and searched for Georgi on facebook! 😉 But after searching for a while, he was unable to find her, so gave up, only to realise the next day that Georgi and Wazzer had different surnames, and he finally managed to find her on facebook. The rest, as they say, is history...

For their first date, Dave asked Georgi out for a meal on her birthday. He was very nervous. But as soon as they got seated the nerves soon and the conversation flowed. All was going well, until Dave decided to choke on a peppercorn! It then became a running joke that every date they went on, Dave would manage to choke on something!

Georgi loves helicopters, so Dave surprised her with a flight in one, it was at the airfield when Dave asked Georgi to be his Girlfriend, and it was the easiest decision of her life, he tells me! 😊


Fast forward to the day Dave asked Georgi to be his wife... The planning actually started at least a month or so before. He'd had a few ideas, but finally decided that he was going to hide the ring in a giant cupcake, and then have Georgi cut into it. So with the help of a few family members, the plan was set. They had gone to Georgi’s dad's caravan in North Wales and Dave told Georgi that his mum had a spare cake from work that she had given to them, so she never questioned why there was a giant cupcake in the back of the car! Once they were at the caravan, they unpacked everything, and settled in. Georgi was eager to try some cake but Dave had to put her off for a while as he wanted to set his camera up to record the big moment! He convinced her to go take a shower and then they would have cake after that. She agreed, so he got to work getting things all set up ready to pop the question! Dave had hidden the camera on the fireplace, so as soon as he heard Georgi coming out of the shower he hit record! He was eager for Georgi to cut into this cake as he wasn't not sure how much recording time he had left on the phone, but instead, Georgi decided that she wanted to start cutting up some chicken for that nights tea!! After some persuasion, she agreed to cut the cake, but before she did, there was a little envelope on the top, so he asked her to look what was in it. Inside, there was a note saying “the next time we cut the cake...” She was baffled at what it meant! As she cut into the cake, she found it to be a bit tough in the middle. They pulled a slice of cake out together to reveal the box! Dave retrieved the box from the cake and got down on one knee and told Georgi how much she meant to him, opened the box and asked Georgi to marry him! She was totally shocked but happily said YES! After so much planning, Dave was happy it was over and that it went to plan.


Although.... When Dave checked his phone to watch back that amazing moment, all it had captured was Georgi cutting up the chicken for tea!! 

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Georgi and Dave | Highlights Video

Georgi and Dave | Highlights Video

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