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Shereen and David | Chester Zoo Wedding

Shereen and Dave first met whilst both working in Wetherspoons back in 2004. Dave tells me that he never actually plucked up the courage to ask Shereen out on a date back then! As the next couple of years went by, they would always see each out and about, including many bus rides to the University where they both studied. 15 years later their paths crossed once again. Dave plays darts and his team mate is Shereen’s Brother in law, Carl. He went to a mutual friends 50th Birthday party and Kerry (Shereen’s Sister) informed him that Shereen was single and that he should message her! Dave reached out to Shereen on social media and they went on their first date in October 2019, by the November they were a couple and have been since! In November 2020, Dave booked a meal & hotel to propose to Shereen but lockdown stopped this happening. So instead, he made them both a meal at home. Shereen had chosen an engagement ring but didn’t know whether Dave had bought it, or when he was going to propose. On 25th November, Dave asked Shereen's Dad, Henry for permission to take her hand in marriage. Henry give his blessing and that night, Dave got down on one knee and asked Shereen to marry him. Happily she said YES! 


Dave tells me that Shereen is honest, (Sometimes too honest) and that she's loving, caring, very intelligent and puts others before herself. Shereen’s random questions & thoughts make Dave laugh at the drop of a hat, followed by her then laughing which sets them both off laughing! 

Shereen says that Dave is very laid back, which is good because she can be very hot-headed and quick tempered (Irish!), so it’s definitely a good match as he is the only one who can put up with her and her tantrums… especially when she's tired or hungry.. (or both). Dave is so kind hearted, he’s very thoughtful, family oriented and puts those he loves before anything. She tells me that he's always doing little things to show he cares and that he's very supportive of her career. They very much think alike, always on the same page and often know what the other one is about to say, even before they've said it! They are homebodies and love to spend their time together.  

Their wedding day was 29th April 2022 at The Oakfield at Chester Zoo. It was my first time shooting a wedding at Chester Zoo but as a member of the zoo I'm always there with my little lad, so it felt very familiar! The weather was perfect with sun right throughout the day! Shereen arrived (very) fashionably late but still managed to get ready in time for their wedding ceremony at midday. As Dave nervously waited in the ceremony room, it wasn't long before Henry was escorting his daughter down the aisle to her awaiting future husband. Rings were exchanged and and they had their very first kiss as a married couple. After the drinks reception, we captured the family photos and then Dave, Shereen and I went to get some photos with the Red Pandas. Unfortunately, they were a little shy and only showed their face for a few seconds! Then we went to the stunning Japanese garden just behind The Oakfield Manor House for the couple's photo shoot. Shortly after it was speeches and the wedding breakfast. Before the first dance, we took advantage of golden hour as the sun was beginning to set to get some more photos. The cake was cut and Dave and Shereen had their first dance, before partying into the night. 

It was an absolute pleasure to capture their day at such a stunning location!

Package Booked: Gold Photography with Highlights Video

Shereen and Dave | Highlights Video

Shereen and Dave | Highlights Video

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