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Shazreh and Ciaran | Carden Park Wedding

Shazreh and Ciaran met at The Mount Inn in Chester. They connected instantly, with similar tastes in films, Disney's Hercules in particular, and TV shows like Stranger Things. They haven't spent more than 2 weeks apart in the 4 and half years they've been together and are utterly inseparable! They make each other laugh and are so comfortable with each other.

Ciaran travelled to Pakistan to ask for Shazreh's father's blessing to marry his daughter. He secretly organised to go ring shopping with her mother. A few weeks later, on Easter Sunday during the first lockdown of 2020, Ciaran planned a romantic meal for the two of them. They got dressed up, all the while, Shazreh had no idea what was coming next. Ciaran got down on one knee and told her he'd never been so happy in his whole life. He loves that Shazreh laughs at his jokes and she loves that he is so kind and caring and supports all of her dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. 

Their amazing wedding venue was the stunning Carden Park. My day started with the the girls while my colleague Nick stayed with the lads as they were getting ready and having a few beers to settle the nerves. Before long, the girls were ready and Shazreh's very proud dad arrived at the bridal suite to escort his daughter down to the gardens where Ciaran, his groomsmen and the guests were eagerly awaiting her arrival. The celebrant conducted the wedding ceremony, during which, both Shazreh and Ciaran read beautiful vows they'd written to each other. After the ceremony, it was time for the photos as the guests enjoyed the drinks reception. Just before the speeches, Ciaran and Shazreh had arranged to have their legal marriage in secret in one of the other suites in Carden Park with their close family in attendance. As the day went on, friends, family and loved ones, many of whom had travelled from all over the world, celebrated Shazreh and Ciaran's special day. Our day was rounded off with a fantastic performance from The Singles Table live band who performed both the first dance song, and later on, a father / daughter dance song. 

A truly fantastic day for such a loving couple and it was an absolute pleasure to capture it for them!

Package Booked: Platinum Wedding Videography. 

Shazreh and Ciaran | Highlights Video

Shazreh and Ciaran | Highlights Video

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