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Pam and Derek - Grove House Hotel Wedding

Pamela and Derek first met in 1981 when they were neighbours at RAF Bruggen in Germany. Pam was very good friends with Derek's late wife, Dot and they would socialise (get pissed - Derek's words!) and play badminton together.


When Pam moved away, they kept in touch for many years, exchanging Christmas and birthday cards and occasionally meeting up. When Derek's wife died after a long battle with cancer, he thought he owed it to Pam to tell her about the loss of her friend. They met up.... and as they say the rest is history. Pam and Derek became great friends again and eventually became a couple.


Derek is always surprised how much Pam is willing to try new things. While they've been on holiday together, they've been zip lining in the Belize jungle, explored caves, swam with stingrays in the Caribbean and with Manatees in Florida! They got engaged at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal studios, Orlando in 2019 after 3 years together. Derek says that the one thing Pam isn't as adventurous about, is food and the simpler the better. Fish, mushy peas and gravy is a particular favourite! 

They recently acquired Bailey, their 7 month old Golden Retriever who takes some looking after! Pam told me that trying to reduce the numbers of attendees to the wedding was made even more difficult than expected.... because Bailey ate the list! Derek tells me that he and Pam are really looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together and continuing enjoying exploring the UK in their Motorhome.

Their wedding day was 3rd October 2020 at The Grove House Hotel in Wallasey. Unfortunately, Due to the Covid19 restrictions, the number of guests able to attend their wedding had to reduced dramatically. But in order to ensure their friends and family who couldn't attend still felt part of the special day, I set up a live stream so they could still see Derek and Pam tie the knot! 

The camaraderie on the day between Derek and Pam was amazing! Pam is always telling Derek to shave his head. So Derek donned a skin coloured bald cap moments before Pam came down the aisle and her reaction was priceless! After the ceremony, whilst the newlyweds were signing the register, Derek attached a plastic ball and chain to his ankle while Pam wasn't looking. In fact Pam didn't realise that as Derek escorted her down the aisle the ball and chain was still attached to his ankle. It was only when they got to the end of the aisle, she realised!! Such a happy couple and so well suited to each other. 

Package Booked; Bespoke Wedding Photography 

Presenting their wedding pictures below;

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