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Nichola and Chris | Mere Brook House Wedding

Nikki and Chris met through the churches they attend. She was part of Tranmere Methodist and he was part of Charing Cross Methodist. Both churches had same minister who was taking the Charing Cross band to his home town of Dudley for the weekend of 21st and 22nd February 2015. As the only 'young person' in Tranmere, Nikki was invited too. On the morning they were due to travel, Chris rang Nikki at 9.15 saying that they will be there to pick her up in 30 minutes! Nikki was originally told pick up at 10.30 and was not ready, not packed and not showered, having just returned from tending to her horses. Not a great first impression!! (Chris' words).

Once in Dudley, they went for a drink in a pub. He said to her "I better get your number incase you get lost or separated from the group"  A band member overheard and said "smooth or what!!" To which nikki replied, "well I've already had his number for the past week, its only fair!".... to which no one had any reply other than spraying beer everywhere with laughter! 

The Next day they were together most of the day as they visited churches and felt a spiritual connection. They returned home on Sunday 22nd February 2015, and that evening they decided they wanted to be together! So what better date to arrange their amazing wedding than 22nd February 2022, exactly 7 years to the day they got together!  


Chris popped the question on 15th April 2021 on Nikki's uncle's allotment. He had ordered a package and some flowers from Moonpig. The flowers came first which Nikki opened straight away. The package arrived second. When opening the box there was a bottle and a card which said 'I Love you! P.S. read the label' Nikki read all the labels and delivery notes on the cardboard box and packaging and looked confused! Then she spotted the label on the front of the bottle, which said ‘Nikki will you marry me?’. She was in a state of disbelief To and said "Nooo" about a million times, not believing it was real! She turned around to find Chris on one knee holding the ring she'd always wanted, that he had bought about 3 years earlier! And so planning the wedding began!

My day started at Nikki's nan's house where all the girls were getting their hair and make up done, before Nikki and her bridal party were whisked round the block to the church, with Nikki, her mum, her nan and her flower girl in a stunning horse drawn carriage. Chris and his brother, who was his best man, were eagerly awaiting their arrival and before anyone knew it, the bridal party was coming down the aisle! 

After the ceremony, which involved a live puppet show, Chris and Nikki boarded the horse drawn carriage to take them to the stunning Mere Brook House wedding venue. They enjoyed their wedding day with their nearest and dearest before partying late into the night, with Chris supplying some of the evening soundtrack!!

Presenting their galleries below;

Package booked: Platinum Combined Photography and Videography plus engagement photoshoot. 

Engagement Shoot
Nichola and Chris | Our Story

Nichola and Chris | Our Story

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