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Katie and Nick - Peckforton Castle Wedding

Katie and Nick met on Valentine’s day 2013, whilst both working as graphic designers at They were doing the same job just in different locations. Nick was London based and Katie was in Chester. After about a year of travelling every weekend to see each other, Nick moved up to Chester. 


They got engaged in Sri Lanka, November, 2017. They’d had the most amazing day on safari (a dream of Katie's) and then went out in the evening for dinner. It was a private dinner - candles led the way through the jungle until they arrived at the beach where their dinner was to be. There was a big heart on the floor made of candles. Nick asked for a photo of him and Katie in it... and he popped the question!! Well…. Katie thinks he did. She doesn't remember what he said after he got down on one knee!!


A week after they got engaged, they moved into their new home in Chester. And then the following summer, they welcomed Bonnie the Goldendoodle into our lives. She takes up all of their time and eats all of their socks but she’s very much one of the family. 

Nick and Katie have a very similar (stupid - Katie's words) sense of humour. Even when they really want to be grumpy, they have a way of making each-other laugh. They’ve been through so much together but Nick is always there to support Katie.... as she is for him. 

Their wedding took place on Sunday 11th August 2019 at the stunning Peckforton Castle and I was proud to have been asked to provide the wedding videography services. As Nick eluded to in his speech, all credit for organising the day must go to Katie.... and from a supplier point of view, the day was perfect. Everything went according to plan. Everybody had a fantastic time and it was a real pleasure to be part of their day! 

Package Booked: Platinum Wedding Videography

Katie and Nick | Peckforton Castle Wedding | Highlights

Katie and Nick | Peckforton Castle Wedding | Highlights

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