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Debbie and Laura - Village Hotel, St Davids, Chester

Deb and Laura met in work, but had known about each other for years. Laura used to be lost for words every time Deb would try and speak to her! Laura says that Deb used to think she was a weirdo who used to walk past her desk and smile. When Deb asked the girl next to her if Laura 'batted for her side', her friend said "no Deb, she is straight, not everyone fancies you, she is just being nice!!" and from that moment Deb thought nothing else of it, until they had a works quiz and she heard Laura talking to a colleague about her divorce. Deb said “I’m sorry to hear about your divorce, he must be devastated?” Laura replied “oh no I’m getting divorced from a woman” and that was it! They talked, played pool and Laura accidentally licked Deb's hair....and the rest is history!!!

When they got engaged, they tossed a coin to determine who would be the one to propose, and Deb lost, therefore she proposed to Laura in Newborough Forest in Anglesey. Laura had a feeling it was going to happen, so actually wrote a poem and took Deb’s engagement ring, and proposed as well!!


Laura tells me that she loves how strong Deb is and that she's beautiful, funny, caring and has the biggest heart, and will do anything for anyone. Deb is her partner in crime!

Deb tells me she loves Laura’s energy, her passion, her kindness, and that she’s beautiful inside and out. She has a stunning singing voice and she makes her laugh every day, she always puts Deb first. Laura is her best friend!

Laura and Deb's amazing wedding venue was The Village Hotel, St Davids (Chester). Capturing 2 lots of bridal preps at the same time certainly kept me on my toes but both girls were amazing and my colleague Nick and I captured all the shots we wanted to, including 2 very proud dad's seeing their girls just before walking them down the aisle. Neither Deb or Laura had seen each others' dresses prior to walking down the aisle.... and both girls looked absolutely stunning. Deb's dress was from Belissima Brides and Laura's dress was from Bespoke Brides. After some emotional words during the speeches, it was time for the first dance following by Boogie Bingo!!

Such a fun day and 2 super cool brides! It was a pleasure to be able to capture your special day Deb and Laura!

Package Booked: Platinum Combined Photography and Videography 

Debbie and Laura | Highlights Video

Debbie and Laura | Highlights Video

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