Coronavirus - Important Message

Coronavirus has affected everyone. What we have lived through will go down in the history books and will be talked about for generations to come. It's had an effect on all of us and how we live our everyday lives. Unfortunately, it may also be having an impact on you and your plans for your wedding day and I can fully understand the stress and upset it must cause. I'll be updating this page as government guidance changes. 

CLICK HERE for the latest official government guidance for England.

CLICK HERE for the latest official government guidance for Wales.

I want to reassure you that if you choose to postpone your wedding date, I will work with you to reschedule your photography and/or videography services to your new date at no extra cost to you at all. I will do this as many times as is necessary due to the evolving nature of the situation we are all facing (This is of course subject to my availability). I have populated the list below showing the dates I'm already booked and therefore NOT available. I will update this list as things change. Again, to reassure you, there will be no additional costs to you, no matter when you change your date to. 

Dates that I'm NOT available

14/02/21      28/02/21

02/04/21      03/04/21

11/04/21      17/04/21

24/04/21      25/04/21

29/04/21      22/05/21

12/06/21      13/06/21

17/06/21      25/06/21

26/06/21      03/07/21

04/07/21      07/07/21

09/07/21      10/07/21

17/07/21      20/07/21      

07/08/21      11/08/21

26/08/21      30/08/21

31/08/21      04/09/21

11/09/21      12/09/21

12/09/21      18/09/21

25/09/21      02/10/21

09/10/21      10/10/21

16/10/21      24/10/21

31/10/21      21/11/21

24/11/21      28/11/21

22/02/22      12/03/22 


16/04/22      24/04/22

30/04/22      28/05/22

11/06/22      16/06/22      

01/07/22      07/07/22

08/07/22      06/08/22 

02/09/22      24/09/22



In the event of you having to reschedule, I would ask that you contact me straight away to discuss your new date and my availability.

I'm here if you want to chat about anything, wedding related or otherwise. 

Iain :)