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Chloe and Anthony
Chateau Rhianfa Wedding

Chloe and Anthony met at secondary school. Anthony was the year above Chloe and she used to hide from him and walk the long way round to get to lessons just so she didn’t have to see him because she was shy!


They got engaged the day before Chloe's 21st birthday. Anthony decided to take her to the place they went on their very first date. The big moment came and Anthony summoned up the courage to pop the question.... he turned to Chloe and instead of getting down on one knee, he chucked the ring box at her and said “do you fancy it?” Hahaha! Who said romance was dead?!


Chloe loves how Anthony can make her smile or laugh when she's feeling down. He comes up with solutions to all of her problems. She tells me that he does so much for her to make each day that little bit easier, even when he’s busy himself. Anthony tells me that he loves Chloe's sense of humour and determination to achieve perfection, but most of all, he loves her smile!

On to their big day! They couldn't have chosen a more stunning location! Chateau Rhianfa is located right on the banks of the Menai Straits. A beautifully imposing building with stunning grounds. My day with them started with the girls getting ready. There was certainly loads of fun and laughter, along with an unexpectedly high bill for a bottle of Prosecco that Chloe's aunt had ordered to the room!! Despite the amazingly dreadful pouring skills of Chloe's maid of hour, with at least £9 worth of Prosecco ending up in the carpet, everyone managed to enjoy at least one glass!! When I went down to see the lads at The Coachhouse, I got there just in time to capture Anthony opening up a letter that Chloe had sent him. From his reaction, it was clearly heartfelt and showed the love they have for one and other! Chloe's uncle had the honour of walking her down the aisle and giving her away. It was certainly an emotional moment when he saw her for the first time with her make up and hair done, wearing her amazing wedding dress from Because I Love You Bridal Centre. 

As the day progressed, there was loads of laughter, from the 2 best men being unable to locate the rings due to having pockets full of kids toys belonging to one the best men's little lad, to all the guests donning some novelty glasses during the speeches, much to Chloe's and Anthony's surprise and amusement.

Everything was perfect on the day, the weather, the location, the food and most importantly, everyone had an amazing time! Presenting their wedding gallery below! 

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