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Carole and Mike | Thornton Hall Hotel Wedding

I first met Carole and Mike at Carole's daughter, Nicola's wedding in August, where I was providing videography services. They absolutely loved Nicola's video and decided that they just had to book me to capture their wedding too! 


Carole and Mike met on a dating site and got engaged on a Frozen Lake in a forest in Lapland in December 2019! Mike certainly setting the bar high for the rest of us!! They tell me that they are best friends and love everything about each other. They have the same sense of humour and laugh and cry together. Perfect ingredients for a happy marriage! 

They chose Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa in Thornton Hough, Wirral for their amazing wedding! 

Everybody was in great spirits and that was certainly evident when, as Mike was waiting at the front of the room and all the guests were seated, eagerly awaiting Carole's arrival, the song 'Celebrate Our Love' by Alice DJ started blasting out over the speakers and the LED lighting installed in the room started flashing in time to the track. Within seconds, Mike and the entire room, including the registrars were on their feat dancing too! By the end of the Alice DJ track, the room calmed down and 'Over the Rainbow' from The Wizard of Oz started playing as Carole walked in to see Mike eagerly waving to her with a HUGE smile on his face! 

The happiness and fun lasted long into the night and it's evident that they are very much in love and so very well suited together. Presenting the wedding videos for Mr & Mrs McLoughlin! 


Package booked | Platinum Videography 

Carole and Mike | Teaser Video

Carole and Mike | Teaser Video

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