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Carena and Peter - Holt Lodge Wedding

Carena and Pete had known each for years before officially getting together. They both lived in the same village but went their own separate ways. A few years later, they met up and now both being single, they arranged to go on a date. It was only supposed be the once but they knew it was meant to be! 6 years after that first date and in Dusseldorf, Pete gave Carena a ring! She tells me that it was not romantic all, just “there you are” and he handed her the box! They often laugh about it now. 


Carena and Pete have travelled quite a lot and love their holidays with each other. Following the Dusseldorf ring in a box incident, Pete proposed in style in 2018 in Portugal, one of their favourite places. This time, the scene was set and despite Carena being very shocked, she said “YES”!! 

Their wedding day was such good fun to photograph! Everyone had a great time and the day was filled with fun and laughter! Not only was it their wedding day, it was also Pete's 50th birthday! What a fantastic birthday present, getting a wife! I'd like to thank Carena and Pete for allowing me to be part of their special day and wish them a long and happy marriage!

Holt Lodge, Wrexham Wedding

Package Booked; Gold Wedding Photography

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