Aerial Photography

I am certified and approved by the UK CAA and hold £1m public liability insurance. This means I can offer aerial photography and filming services safely and legally. My state of the art drones from DJI can provide images and video from a perspective that has never been seen before. Click here to see the kit I use. 

Q. Why should I hire a CAA approved drone pilot to capture aerial shots for me?

A. It is a legal requirement for any drone pilot to by approved by the UK CAA if he or she plans to carry out any paid aerial work. 

Q. Are you insured to fly your drones at my event or venue?

A. Yes. Our business has £1m public liability insurance, so you can rest assured that we operate safely and responsibly.

Q. My friend has a drone and has offered to take photos and film at my wedding much cheaper than you. Is he allowed to do this?

A. Unfortunately not. In order to fly a drone for paid work, your friend must be approved by the UK CAA and have public liability insurance. Your friend and the venue could be liable for prosecution if something went wrong.

Q. Can i have a go at flying your drone?

A. If we are flying at an event or on a job, unfortunately not. However, we do offer drone flying experiences and flight training through our sister company. Click here to find out more.

Q. I'm a wedding photographer, can I hire you to capture aerial shots at a wedding or event that i'm covering? 

A. Absolutely! We offer a white label service where photographers and videographers can hire us to provide aerial pictures and video. Contact us to find out more. 

Click Here to see some of our aerial videos and pictures